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Cinderella’s Luxurious Soap and Beauty Products are all made by Mother and Daughter, Cindy Stares and Vanessa Duncan and Team. Australian Made and Owned at Yackandandah North East Victoria.

My journey began nearly 8 years ago after retiring from building massive irrigation systems all over Australia with my husband Gaz.

I can still vividly recall the day that was to forever change my life, and give me a new passion, the art of making cold processed soap. From my very first batch made in an empty milk carton, I was hooked with the process. Every day for months after that I spent researching everything I could find and making soap almost daily. It was magical and even today, thousands of batches later I still am in awe of the whole process of it.

Selling my babies (bars of soap) was so hard in the beginning, but the reward was customers saying how lovely it was to use and I used the money I made buying new fragrances and other supplies to make more.

Fast forward to now and I employ one of my daughters, Vanessa, to keep up with making soap and Stock Control and Gaz with wrapping , labelling and marketing, and then there are always the dishes, jugs and soap moulds to wash.

At last I have a designated Soap Studio, wonderful customers who appreciate lovely soap and my house is a home again.

Enjoy using our products made with love by us.

Cindy Stares, and Team Cinderella’s